Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My very first blog...

Well here it goes. This blog business is all new to me so please bare with me as I figure things out.

Today has been a fairly quiet day and I wanted to make a card but wasn't sure just where to begin. Sooo I thought I'd just make up my own challenge today. I decided I would just close my eyes, pull out a sheet of DSP and then while my eyes were still closed I would choose a stamp set. What ever the luck of the draw was I would have to just go with it.
To my surprise I had pulled out a sheet of Candy Lane DSP(retired) and the Fifth Avenue Floral stamp set and these are what I came up with. Enjoy.


  1. CUTE card! Enjoy the blogging. It's fun, especially when your friends follow you or you can share your latest post via Facebook!

  2. Love what you did with it...and fun idea...close eyes choose stuff, I just might have to try that. Blogging newbie..well you are one step ahead of me. I'm still trying to gear up my frame of mind to do that.